quinta-feira, 13 de abril de 2017


One of these nights I dreamt
I was a littles autumn leave
carried away by the evening breeze.

Sometimes, the spotlight of weariness slows its senses
and the little leaf rests in some little corner of a little cozy garden.

By morning,
the mist whispers its name
and the travel begins again with no destiny.

Until one day,
so tired she was
that tears began to fall from its stalk.

You were passing by
and one sweet round salty tear
fell straight on your lips.
A shiver covered your body
and you stopped, unable to walk.

Seconds later
the little leaf touched your face
and as by magic
you caressed it.

The leaf became a hug,
the hug became a kiss
and the kiss became
the beginning of a new life.

I waked up
and you were right there next to me
and in my nakedness I found dewdrops.

My face enlightened
I wrapped myself in your heat
and let the magic paint my senses with shades of passion.

©Graça Costa
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