sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015


My love i need to rest,
but rest is an extension of your smile,
a mixture of your lips in my skin and your arms around my neck.

My love I need to sleep
but sleep are nightmares without your shoulder as a soft tender pillow.

My love…
ask for my autumn leaves dress so full of memories.
See how each one of them have a story to tell
and a smell of honey inside each letter.

Let me go …
to those far horizons
where the feelings have no name
and language is the softness of the skin,
the bright shine of the eyes
and the purchase of passion in every breath.

My love…let me go
but please lead the way.
Once we arrive
i will feed you with my autumn leaves dress,
till my nudity explodes in your arms.
Then I’ll be complete
and I can rest.

©Graça Costa